Already Awesome

by Citric Acid

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From the perspective of Ms. Rainbow Dash.




When I see the daylight shining through my open window
I squint my eyes and turn away once more.
The morning chores can wait, the bed is comfy, I'm not ready, but
Pinkie Pie comes knocking at my door.

Hey Rainbow, the sky is clear, the breeze is cool,
The air is fresh, the weather's nice, and I am happy to see you.
You must have worked hard, you look so tired from bursting clouds to make this day,
So tell me what do you have to say?
"I'm already awesome."

Oh I've never felt a feeling this amazing,
And I'll always be this way

I'm already in the air,
I'm already way up high,
I'm already on my game
And feel like I could touch the sky.

I've already won the race,
I've already caught your eye,
I've already set the bar,
And you couldn't do much better if you tried.

On the road in town I met my favorite young admirer.
She wanted me to show my new techniques.
I took of quickly, spun and looped and spiraled, but the wind blew and
Crashed me into Rarity's boutique.

Oh Rainbow, I'm glad you're here, here put this on,
And hold these pins. Please stand up straight, I promise this won't take too long.
My roof has a hole, and if you help me it's the least that you could do.
Now do you think this hat suits you?
"I'm already awesome."

Oh why do I have to cover up my greatness?
Can't I leave it on display?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not the mare I think I am;
When I'm alone, the sounds of cheering disappear.
Is there nothing else for me to gain
But tired wings and empty fame?
Has all the lavish praise been insincere?

I flew away from town when the sun had set and all was quiet,
Kicking clouds leftover from the day.
When I arrived at home, I met the postman and he gave me
A letter from my father far away.

"Dear Rainbow, I hope you're doing well today.
I'm glad your friends and your adventures have brought happiness your way.
My trip will end sooner than expected, and I'm on my way back home.
I can't wait to see how you've grown.
P. S. You're already awesome."

Oh my this is everything I could have asked for,
And I have to celebrate.


released May 13, 2015
Album Art:
"Rainbow Sleeps" by CloverCoin



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